Monday, November 12, 2007

Seminar options

This last week, we completed another QuickBooks seminar in Tampa. This seminar is held in computer lab and lasted 2 1/2 days. Several of the attendees suggested holding the seminar for a full week, teaching in the morning and allowing the students to set up their companies in the afternoon as we help them and float around the room. Personally I don't think that people would take an entire week away from their office. I think it's hard as it is to get them away for 2 1/2 days. All the students loved the seminar but now see that they need to go back and do the work to setup their company on their own. They would prefer to pay for me to assist them, yet in a group setting where the price might be more affordable to them. any thoughts out there?

The difference in our seminar vs other QuickBooks seminars the students said was that we offered extensive accounting education which they hadn't understood when explained to them in the past.

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