Sunday, January 6, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

What are the classes that will jump people off their pen and pencil and onto the keyboard to sign up? I’ve been contemplating that this year.

I want to start the year out with a series of classes for free, maybe for the home user. I also think a series specifically targeted at small businesses who need expert help from great instructors might be good (kind of like what Score counselors can offer but people never get out to utilize them).

I know I’m a little fish in a big sea of on-line classes, but I also believe that it just might be my advantage to be that way. I’ve been in so many offices and I’ve worked with people who have been forced to become the main financial managers for their company, and they never intended to be in that role to begin with. I also know that most companies I’ve worked with or talked to or worked for (90%) don’t have a business plan. Don’t set up general ledger budgets. They say when you set a goal, you will achieve it just because you set the goal in writing or verbally.

If only, I could catch people and share just one insight that would help make them more profitable or more proud of themselves.

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