Sunday, June 15, 2008

Communicating accross Generations

You can see here, why I have been amiss about posting on this blog. I am a new Grandmother. Here, my granddaughter is less than a week old and for a few minutes, we communicated in our own way.

I spent just over two weeks with my daughter and her husband before, during and after the delivery of Victoria Tate. I learned just how much things change through the years. I remember my mother being with me when I was having children and she must have been thinking the same thing. You'd think that things like having babies and nursing would be so natural that they would be done the same across generations. But this is not the case, innovations in baby care, clothes, toys, re-discovered (by me at least) herbs, salves, diapers (no pins anymore even for cloth diapers). It didn't take long for me to realize that the old school way was my way and I suddenly felt my age, I guess I should, I'm a grandma.

So many times we want to do things because we know they work. Because we are used to doing something a certain way. It doesn't always mean it's the right way and it might not be the wrong way, but there might be a better way if we are open to listening, watching and learning.

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Leslie said...

Becoming a mother has taught me so much, as to be expected. One of the biggest lesson has been to go to my fellow mothers for advice, support and encouragment. I don't always heed their advice, but I always listen and am always willing to accept their love and helpful words.

Yes times have changed, and there are new tools and gadgets to help baby our babies, but many of the tried and true methods are just that. Every baby still wants to be cuddled and loved. And as Tate can attest to, babies still love to make faces with you!

Congratulations Grandma!