Sunday, December 21, 2008

Keeping up with Technology

Recently one of my on-going customers called asking for assistance. I hadn't talked to them in several months and was happy to hear from them, not just for business, but because I enjoy their friendship. Their question could not be defined as just software assistance or accounting assistance, it is sometimes a blurred distinction between the two because one leads into the other.

What intrigued me was when she said "Sarah, will there ever be a time when I will not have to learn new things?". My response was of course "no, that's what keeps us young and keeps our mind active".

As much as we don't want to sometimes, learning is the livelihood of our lives.

We are learning as babies, playing with our toys. We have to change the toys babies play with every 6 weeks because they get bored with the ones they have mastered.

We move through our school years being challenged to learn more, sometimes feeling overwhelmed but always trying to do our best, then moving on to another level, grade, certification or degree.

Some of us learn pottery, sports or to challenge our bodies with physical fitness.

We become parents and most times, are not taught how to be a parent. We learn from others who are parents, maybe learning not to do what they have done, but more often, modeling those who we respect and have raised children we would love to have as our own. Then, we become grandparents, we learn to be quiet until asked, we learn to watch our children learn and we look upon learning in a different way, as one of the many circles of life.

We retire and take pride in hobbies we have had , like woodworking or golfing until we become challenged with physical limitations, then we learn to adapt to those hobbies that our bodies will allow us to tackle. We learn, that limitations are just another challenge to overcome.

So, why in our work would we expect learning to be any different? We learn our jobs, then the tax rules change, the software is updated, the economy requires we manage our business differently.

Always, we are learning and as long as we take on the challenge as something positive, we will be rewarded with a sharp mind and a positive role model for others who just might be watching silently from a distance.

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