Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Multi-currency functionality

Beginning in 2009, QuickBooks added the feature of having Multi-Currency functionality in their software. I must say, Intuit really surprises me with what they do with QuickBooks. It has come a long way from what it once was. With this feature, you choose your preferred currency when setting up your company. You set exchange rates for different currency types that your customer or vendors may use and as you set up your vendors or customers, QuickBooks asks you for their rate and converts the currency to your rate.

Today, I did a bit of research for a company in the Dominician Republic who's default currency is Pesos. I researched for a software that would work in conjunction with QuickBooks to allow the user to understand the English words that the program uses, such as "transaction", "vendor" "general ledger", etc. I did find a software that will provide "pop ups" to allow a person who speaks Spanish to understand QuickBooks.

It always amazes me how much is available via the Internet. The world has become a smaller place and I like it that way. just get a trip to somewhere warm in February instead of working on-line from the cold north!!

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