Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kicking it up

I have decided to kick this blog up a few notches. Let's face it, accounting is boring. If you need help with accounting the best bet is to contact me, schedule some one on one time together and nip your fear of accounting in the bud, or call me and have me do it for you. So...I have decided to include in this blog, some everyday tidbits of my life as a small business owner and under-employed accountant/business consultant.

Yes, that's right, business is so slow that I cannot maintain just with Success In-Formation LLC. I have been hitting the pavement, both literally and the cyberspace pavement, looking for a job. A job that includes benefits so I don't have to wait two years for the government health insurance option (cross our fingers on today's vote).

Back to the blog, I am going to offer interesting information other than accounting, I need to hear from you if you like it, that will determine the direction of my blog. Today I'm making a vegetarian dish with tempeh, kale, sweet potatoes and marsala wine (I'm making it up as I go) If it's good, I will tell you about it. If it's not good, I'll tell you about a different recipe maybe.

If you like this blog, please share it with your friends, the more hits I get, the more traffic to my website and maybe I'll get some much needed income.

I will still offer accounting and business tips, but they will just be a part of this blog, not all of it. Thanks to Cheryl from metro Detroit who called today for QuickBooks help. We will do a short (1.5 hrs) session tomorrow on line. Yes, that's right, I work on Sundays!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing about the recipe!!
Keep on "keeping on", Sarah!
You are a winner!!!

Sperry said...

I do hope that you find decent work that you enjoy and that pays you well! You deserve it!

I too, being a vegetarian, am interested in the recipe

abigail sperry