Saturday, February 9, 2008

A day in my life

Recently I spent a day with one of my new clients. I spent the day with them in their conference room along with their chief estimator, vice president and their controller. We looked at their new software and viewed screens within the software and discussed their current business process and how it would fit into their new software.

What we did in that meeting was so important to the success of this company.
  • It was important that the meeting was attended by the key players and only those players (although there are times when all players should be involved).
  • It was important that all of us dedicated that time to the meeting un-interrupted with no phone calls, only a break for lunch.
  • It was important that the software was used as a guide for how things would be done and who would do what and what sequence of events would be followed.
  • As the process for the implementation of new software was unveiled, notes were made about how to perfect the existing process in the future. IE: potential problems in the current process were uncovered that came up as a result of creating the new process.
  • It was important that we documented the revised process right there in the meeting as a part of the meeting.

We all came out of that meeting with a clear process in writing of how their company would function using the software to it's fullest potential.

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Anonymous said...

I think that one of the best things about that meeting and what was accomplished in it, was that the procedures were written down so there was something concrete that could be decimated to the rest of the employee