Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Keeping up with the Blog

I know it's been some time since I posted here and I appologize for the delay. Many companies decided that 2008 was the year to get new software and that thrills me, and it keeps me very busy. I am always happy to see the progress companies make when they implement new software. It's like cleaning out your house and repainting, sending all the old clothes to Goodwill, buying new furniture and appliances and learning how to finally program the DVD player, all at the same time. What a task, but how rewarding when everything is set up, organized and the employees truly understand why they are doing what they do and everyone understands how to read the reports.

January 26th my daughter married her sweetheart who is a wonderful young man and I couldn't be more proud. The wedding was in the hills of Texas in a beautiful large log cabin. The weather was perfect and the guests were even better.

So it's back to work, meeting with my peer group and working on my website and classes and helping clients understand the world of financial software.

I sure do love my work. I hope you do too!

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Leslie said...

Welcome home! Hope you've returned happy and rested.

From how you described new software, I think I need some new programs for my life!!