Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pandora Music

A wonderful way of listening to your favorite music is to tune into Pandora.  This can be done anywhere you have an internet connection and speakers.  this means, your telephone (if you have internet on your phone), your blackberry or your computer.  Imagine:  You connect your laptop up to nice small speakers to host a party.  These days,  great speakers come in small size which is nice for being portable.  Going on vacation or to your office doesn't mean, you can't take your stereo with you!!

  1. Go to the internet,  then to  Register for an account - don't be afraid, just do it.
  2. Once you choose your favorite type of music,  Pandora starts playing songs that are by your favorite artist or by similar artists of your favorite.  You have the option of saying it's not your favorite and Pandora will find another song to play.  This process creates a "saved radio station" for you.  With this saved station,  next time you sign into Pandora,  you just choose your station and all your saved songs are there, plus Pandora starts adding more. 

You can create several types of "radio stations".  I have stations called: "The Beatles", "Women's Music", "Easy Listening", "Blues", "Jazz", "Classical".  Which one I play depends on my mood.

Yesterday as I was painting,  I started out with "The Beatles".  The first song was "Hey Jude".  The songs morphed into a mix of Beatles, Rolling Stones,  Simon and Garfunkle and more from that era,  It was a wonderful nostalgic time for me and motivated my painting experience.

Have fun,  Pandora is free,  it may time out after an hour or so if you don't click "I'm still listening" when the message comes up.

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