Thursday, January 7, 2010

Upgrading QuickBooks to Version 2010

Today, I received an email from a QuickBooks user who was having difficulty upgrading from Version 2005 to Version 2010.

Intuit, Inc. requires their customers to upgrade so that the customer keeps up with technology. QuickBooks products must continually stay on the cutting edge and Intuit, Inc. cannot keep old versions active forever (or provide staff to support old versions). Four years is normally the availability for upgrading to a current version of QuickBooks. If you have a version older than four years, you cannot upgrade to the current or newest version. For Version 2010 you must be on version 2007 or later.

Your option in this case is to upgrade to a newer version than you have, but may not be the most current version, then, you can upgrade to the new version (this is known as “leapfrogging”).

I recommend my clients upgrade every year or every two years, to keep up with the current features.

If you have this problem and need to “leapfrog” to get your data to an earlier version please call me, I have many versions available and can help.

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